Twin Cities Garage Builder

Jack is highly experienced in taking a client’s vision and turning it into a reality. Whether you need a garage altered or the cabinets or shelves within a garage altered, you know that Jack is going to iStock_000009084707Smallgive you exactly what you need and in the shortest amount of time possible at the best cost.

For over 30 years, Jack has been helping individuals bring their ideas to life. He and his professional staff listen to your wants and needs in order to give you exactly what you want. And because you are able to deal directly with Jack, you are getting an experience that not every Minneapolis carpenter or contractor can offer you.

Turning Your Property Into A Masterpiece

When Jack The Garage Builder is commissioned to alter your garage or your home in any way, you can expect to be treated the way that you should be. He will discuss with you what you want to do and will then be able to come up with a plan that will make it happen for you. You will be informed throughout the entire process so you know what is happening. This ensures that the process moves smoothly for you and for us and that all of your questions are answered.

We also take a great deal of care while altering your property, taking great care of the property itself and exercising the highest safety standards. Whether we are working with flooring, cabinetry, tables, countertops, or another element of the property that can bring it to life and turn it into a masterpiece, you can expect for your property to be treated the way we would treat our own.

Making The Existing Structure Something New

The perfect example of altering is when you need more space in your garage. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul carpenters can listen to what you need out of your property and make it happen for you. Perhaps you have acquired an additional vehicle and you wish to park it in the garage. When that is the case, the size of the garage needs to be expanded. Jack The Garage Builder can make sure that your garage is expanded to the size you need it to be and will do it for the best possible price.

What this does is prevent you from having to replace your garage. Instead, you are simply working with what you have, making the existing structure into something new. That makes it more functional for you. Any time you need to get more out of a space, our carpentry services are available to make that happen for you.

Contact A Twin Cities Garage Builder

The great thing about a structure is that it and much of the carpentry work within it can be altered. If you wish to have a garage, deck, or other feature altered, Jack The Garage Builder can do that for you. To find out what can be done to make your space everything you want it to be, call us today at 651-644-8896 for a free estimate.