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dA detached garage can give you more than just a place to park your vehicle. It can be a workshop, a place to spend time with friends, an area for the in-laws to stay when they come over for a visit, a man cave, or a home office.

Jack The Garage Builder, we can build a standard or custom detached garage that meets your needs. As an experienced St. Paul & Minneapolis carpenter, our detached garage builders have built garages for individuals with varying tastes. We build what coincides with your vision so that you can have exactly what you envision for your property.

So when you are ready to build a detached garage, Jack The Garage Builder can get the job done for you. In over 30 years, Jack has built over 1,000 garages in Minnesota and that means you will have a lot of experience working for you.

Detached With The Benefits Of An Attached Garage

A detached garage offers all of the benefits of an attached garage. You get all of the added space. There is also the space between the home and the garage that can be used as a privacy area. Detached garages can be great as guest houses, offices, workshops, or whatever you need. If you need to do a lot of noisy work, such as wood working, then the garage creates a sound barrier between you and the neighbors. Plus, Jack The Garage Builder can customize your garage inside and out in order to ensure your needs are met. Just let us know what your imagination sees and we can bring that to life.

It is also important to understand that you don’t have to just have a single car garage if you own multiple vehicles. You can have a 2 car detached garage or 3 car detached garage. If you wish to create rental place or an area for a loved one to live, a detached garage can also be a garage apartment. Jack The Garage Builder will built what you want so you can meet the specific objectives that you have for your property.

Turn-Key Detached Garage Builders In St. Paul & Minneapolis

When you come to Jack The Garage Builder with your garage construction needs, you will receive a free cost estimate on the project completion. From the moment you make the call to us, we will ensure that you are taken care of from that first call to the very last step of the process. You can count on us only adhering to the highest standards while using the best business practices.

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A detached garage can be a great addition to your property. It can add value, adds space, and gives you an area where you can protect belongings or have a workshop. It is a space that you can turn into whatever you want. To learn more about how Jack the Garage Builder can give you the garage that you want and need, call 651-644-8896 for a free estimate.