Vinyl and Ceramic Flooring

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3Ceramic flooring has a very luxurious, high-end look. It is just one flooring option that Jack The Garage Builder has available for those looking for ceramic flooring to bring out the best qualities of a room and to give it the look that you’re looking for.

Get The Sophistication Of Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tile gives you the look and feel of stone flooring, but gives excellent performance without the need of high maintenance. Ceramic flooring is designed to have realistic visuals, true texture, and a sophisticated style at a great value. You can achieve stone, slate, and marble. Ceramic tile is available in many sizes and colors so that your floors can be transformed into what you want them to be.

Ceramic is made from minerals and clay that are mixed with water. It is then fired in a kiln at a high temperature. The patterns that appear on the tile are achieved by a colored glaze that is applied to the ceramic’s surface. Multiple colors can be applied in order to create the visual that you want. During the manufacturing process, the ceramic tiles are calibrated so that there is very little variation in size and thickness. That way you end up with the flooring that is perfect for you.

Jack The Garage Builder will discuss your options with you so you can customize your floor. From grout colors to tile patterns and many more, you can achieve the look that you want rather than settle for something “close.” The different textures can have varying degrees of grain and you can even choose from chiseled or straight edges, depending on what you are trying to achieve with the ceramic flooring.

Providing You With Quality Vinyl Flooring Options

Vinyl flooring is an attractive flooring option that can give a room personality, while saving money. The look is distinctly unique and the flooring has superior stain, scratch, and water resistance due to the coating on the vinyl tile. Here are some other benefits of vinyl flooring:

  • The flooring can be installed with or without grout if you want the ceramic look
  • You can acquire vinyl flooring with stunning patterns and borders
  • Vinyl is fast and easy to install
  • Standard wood underlayment can usually be used because the tiles are thinner
  • Vinyl has the ability to mold to irregularities in the subfloor
  • Vinyl flooring is lightweight, which allows it to be used on any level of the home

Because you have both vinyl and ceramic flooring to choose from, you can have the flooring that you want to have when you want to have it.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Carpenter

The flooring within a room can give it personality and influence the appearance of the entire area. If you are looking for attractive flooring options that are affordable, Jack The Garage Builder can install vinyl or ceramic flooring that can add style to a room. To learn more about our vinyl and ceramic flooring options, call us at 651-644-8896 for a free estimate.