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7Garage building is an art because it involves taking a person’s vision and turning it into a reality. It means giving a client the space that they want when they want it.

Jack The Garage Builder has built over 1,000 garages in Minnesota and brings 30 years of experience to every job. With a portfolio that consists of many garage designs, you can count on getting exactly what you want and for the best possible price.

You will work directly with Jack to determine what you need and what you want. You will discuss the size, the features you want, and the costs associated with it. Once a plan is created, The Minneapolis & St. Paul carpenters and garage builders working with Jack will build according to your specifications. It doesn’t matter if you need an attached garage or a detached garage, it will be done. You also don’t have to worry about the logistics of fire codes, permits, and other technicalities that exist with garage building.

Helping You Determine Size

Determining the size of garage that you need is important. You don’t want something too big because you may never use the space. However, you do not want something too small or you will not be able to reach the objectives that you want the garage to achieve. If you have future plans, it is best to accommodate them now. But if you do ever find yourself needing more space, the garage can be altered in the future to be everything you want it to be.

Nonetheless, think about what you will be storing in the garage. Will it just be accommodating one car, two cars, or three cars? Will it be housing cars and a boat? Will any trucks or SUVs be parked in the garage? Do you need plenty of workbench space? Do you want an overhead storage space? Perhaps you wish to have a garage apartment built for a loved one, as a place for family to stay when visiting, or as a rental space so you can bring in additional income.

Whatever your want or need, Jack The Garage Builder can make it happen for you and with a 10 year warranty.

Feature-Rich Garages

You can opt for a wide range of features from the flooring to the roof. The concrete floor will be reinforced so that it can handle the weight of the vehicles that will be parked on it. It is very important for the concrete to be able to support the weight so that it does not crack and need premature replacement or repairs sooner than it should be repaired. The same applies to any element of the garage.

Furthermore, you can have a stylish automatic garage door, multiple points of entry, interior walls, rooms in the garage that are partitioned off from where vehicles are parked, the roofing that you desire for your garage, and even windows. There are many features that you can have Jack The Garage Builder install in your garage so you can use the space and get the most out of it for your money.

Contact A Twin Cities Garage Builders

Having a new garage built is exciting and Jack The Garage Builder can build the garage for you that you want. From attached single or 1/12 story garages to detached garage apartments, your vision can be made a reality so that you have the space that you want. To learn more about how Jack The Garage Builder can help you, call 651-644-8896 for a free estimate.