Stand Alone Garage Build Interior

Minneapolis & St. Paul Garage Building

4A garage can be what you need it to be. Many individuals park their vehicles in their garages, they use them as workshops, they make them pool houses, or they finish the interior and use it as a space to hang out with friends and family. Garages can even be a place where guests can stay or made to be a garage apartment so that it can be an actual dwelling.

Whatever your vision for your garage, Jack The Garage Builder can turn it into what you want it to be inside and out. Through our St. Paul & Minneapolis carpentry and construction services, we can convert your garage into the space that is important to you.

Building Beautiful Garage Interiors

The building to a detached garage is different than building for a detached or “standalone” garage. The reason is because an attached garage can have specific building standards in regards to the fire code. The fire code is more lenient when it comes to standalone garages versus detached ones. This will allow you to have more flexibility with the materials that you use for the walls and other elements of the interior.

For instance, some individuals prefer sheetrock over other wall types, but others enjoy plywood, especially when they are parking their cars in the garage. Many complain that sheetrock gets dirty easily in a garage where vehicles are parked or where workshop activities may happen, so they opt for a different type. However, sheetrock is highly affordable and it can be painted. There are many options that are available and Jack will review those options with you so you can have the right materials as a part of your interior.

Giving You The Garage Interior You Want

You also have your choice of different types of flooring that you can use, as well as shelving, closets, and anything you need. Many individuals opt to create a rental space out of a garage by having a 2 story garage built that serves as a garage apartment. The living quarters are above the garage, which is the perfect opportunity to experience the craftsmanship in our carpentry work. We take great care to ensure that everything meets your expectations so that your standalone garage build interior is perfect for you. We can create a place to spend time alone, a home office, a crafting area, a place to have get togethers, or a multi-purpose area where you can store items, work on projects, and park your vehicles. Our St. Paul & Minneapolis carpenters will make it happen for you.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Garage Builder

Your garage can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a place to park your vehicle or it can be your workshop. Whatever you want it to be, a standalone garage can have the interior that you need it to have and Jack The Garage Builder can make it happen for you. To learn more about what Jack The Garage Builder can do for you, call 651-644-8896 for a free estimate.