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Twin Cities Garage Building

6New homes are getting bigger and bigger and so has the trend of designing new garages to accommodate these large homes and the much bigger vehicles that people are buying. Individuals also want their garages to meet their storage needs. This is why garage designing is receiving a lot more attention than it used to.

The traditional garage is not an overly expensive piece of construction. Even if you are having the garage attached to the new home, it doesn’t have to be as costly as you think it is. Jack The Garage Builder has over 30 years of experience building over 1,000 garages in Minnesota and can put that experience to work for you.

Building The Perfect Garage For Your New Home

There are a number of elements to your garage. First of all, you have a choice and that’s whether to attach the garage to the home or have a detached garage. The new garage can be added to the construction plan if you wish to have it attached. This will require collaboration among contractors and that can affect cost with the original contractor based on what the original plans were.

Nonetheless, we can discuss your options with you. Those options range from the type of entryways to the garage to which direction those entryways face and whether or not you want any living space or special storage space over the actual garage. If the garage is attached, we can build it up to 1 ½ stories. A detached garage can be built up to 2 stories.

Over 30 Years Of Garage Building Experience

As a St. Paul & Minneapolis carpenter and garage builder, you know that your garage will be built to withstand the weather that Minnesota has to throw at it. Minnesota winters can be harsh with heavy snow and the summers can host some rather strong storms. We build attached or detached garages that are built to last. So we prepare for the elements while making sure that the structure is what you want it to be. If you want it to be a basic garage that is a single story, then that is what we will build. If you want it to be a three car garage with storage space above, we can plan for stairs, the storage space, and ensure that the entire structure is aesthetically pleasing because looks matter.

To ensure that our garage carpenters build what you want, Jack will listen to your wants and needs and turn them into a plan that makes your vision a reality.

Contact A Twin Cities Garage Builders

When you are having a new home built and you wish to have an attached or detached garage added to the property, it can be done. Even if it wasn’t in the original blueprints, the garage can be added to the building process and the blueprints updated. All you need is an experienced garage builder to do the job. Call Jack The Garage Builder today at 651-644-8896 for a free estimate.